Student Testimonials

Some words from current and former students

A. Mugabo

Current student, march 2021

“I can do no justice to describing the Shaykh nor the benefit these classes have provided me. Time with the Shaykh has been a true healing in a world where our hearts are yearning for nourishment. His love for Allah, the Quran, and the Prophet (pbuh) have inspired me to recite attentively and contemplatively, and most important, increased my love for wanting to be amongst the People of the Quran. His teaching style is filled with both gentleness to allow a student to develop steadily, and encouragement enabling a student to push themselves. When he recites and I repeat after him, it feels as though I were in a gathering of the Shaykh and his teachers and his teachers’ teachers – all the way back to the Prophet (pbuh). I am humbled to be a student of his and can already sense improvements in my recitation and pray that I have even more time with him to drink even a little more from his cup.”

L. D.

Current Student, February 2021

“I am so grateful for this program. I enjoy every second of class that I get. Shaykh Abdallah [is] not only an incredible tajweed teacher, but truly teaches how to connect with the Quran on a heart and soul level, love the Prophet (saws) and strive to be the best Muslim I can be.

I have noticed so much improvement in my recitation since starting. Its fairly normal when Quran teachers have a convert student to go easy on them and not push them to perfect their recitation, but I truly feel respected and pushed to do my best and I am so happy with the results”

Lily King

Current Student, March 2021

“Shaykh Abdallah is a true lover and servant of the Qur’an. I have seen my recitation improve exponentially since studying with him, thanks to both his precision in tajwid and his incredible love for the Qur’an. He taught me the ‘right’ of every letter and how to apply every rule. Since I started studying with Shaykh Abdullah, I cannot imagine a day passing where I don’t recite the Qur’an. I recommend everyone read Al Fatihah with him at least.”

Zubair Dawood

Former students

“Shaykh Abdallah, may Allah protect and preserve him, is one of the best qurrahs of his time. I was fortunate enough to be one of his students for many years. By Allah’s mercy, Shaykh Abdallah was able to transform my recitation of the Qur’an from pseudo tajweed to, as Shaykh Abdallah would say, giving every letter its right. Moreover, Shaykh Abdallah teaches and explains the nuances that will improve anyone’s recitation, whether advanced or beginner. If someone wishes to come closer to Allah through perfecting his or her recitation of the Qur’an, I highly recommend that he or she studies with Shaykh Abdallah.”

Chris Cusano

Former Student

“Shaykh Abdallah, Allah perserve him, was one of the first teachers of Qur’an I encountered nearly 15 years ago and until this day has remained quite likely the best I have ever sat with. His attention to the minute details of tajweed is astounding, and his execution of it is unmatched in my experience. His recitation and his ability to give proper weight to and to emphasize each letter and vowel so the listener can fully understand every aspect of every rule is truly reminiscent of Sheikh Al Housary, Allah have mercy on him.

Moreover, Shaykh Abdallah can quickly read where a student is along the path of learning proper recitation and even discern their command over their own tongue so as to not tax the student beyond what is reasonable at that point in time. Any opportunity to sit with him is truly a blessing one cannot pass up on.”

Abdullah Sabawi

Former Student

“There is yet a light and joy in the world today, which by God’s blessing can be found in partaking of the knowledgeable, strong-hearted and ethereally beautiful Quran recitation of father, Imam, Qari and scholar, Shaykh Abdallah Deeb, whose nature and soulful teaching evidences a heart stamped with love for God, as well as any person willing to also experience it along with him. Reading God’s book is only the beginning in a class with Shaykh Abdallah – prepare for a fully immersive, total life experience in discovering true joy of Quran, uplifting your spirit, personal wellness, and connection with someone who truly loves what they do.

The authenticity of his scholarly lineage can truly be felt in his style which strikes perfect balance between the technical aspects of tajweed and maintaining the students’ spark of Quranic joy – a style becoming rare in modern times amidst the increasing culture of “tajweed-hacking” and crash-courses. Any opportunity to benefit from Shaykh Abdallah are a must-attend for every person today. I invite anyone to see for him or herself why the best among us, really are, “those who learn the Quran and teach it.””

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